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Cartes Du Tour - 12 posters

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Aside from the iconic leaders' jerseys, the route maps of the Tour de France are perhaps the race's most recognisable visual representations. In their current guise, the yellow hulk of l'Hexagone, dotted with blue and red marking start and finish towns, is criss-crossed by black lines demarcating stage routes and transfers. But they haven't always been this way.

This limited edition pack contains twelve unique route maps from the race's long history, printed on high quality paper. Each taken from Rapha Editions' recent publication Cartes du Tour, the maps plot the history of the Grande Boucle, from pre-war editions featuring stages hundreds of kilometres long to more recent iterations from grid starts to uphill time trials. Perfect posters to decorate the home of any cycling fan that double as thoughtful gift wrap.

No of Pages: 12
Page Size: 345 x 250 mm
ISBN 10: 191216406X
ISBN 13: 9781912164066
Publisher: Rapha Editions / Bluetrain
Binding: Paperback
Weight: 414g